Adopting vines in the Languedoc

Don’t you deserve a present?

What could be nicer than a piece of your very own French vineyard?

It’s fun, romantic, stress-free, delicious, ecological and mind-stretching

It’s a present that lasts for a whole year

You can live the dream and drink it

Of course we know that present-giving is big business these days, and for the same price you could:

Spend 16 hours in a Welsh tepee

Adopt the hoof of a racehorse for a season

Do 1¾ bungee jumps (1½ if you want the video)

But we think we’re hard to resist

Go on, why not adopt a dozen vines?  Or give them to someone else and make their world a happier place.

So how and how much?

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Imagine that you’re standing in a little corner of France.  The views are absurdly gorgeous.  You squiggle your deux pieds into the red soil and leave your footprints.

You remember the laughter and the talk around the table last night.  “Ah,” you sigh, “life is sweet.”

You look at a stand of twelve vines with your name tied to them and you think, ”This is my vineyard.  My vines.  My wine.”